About blog

Hi all, my name is Richard Smith and I am the author of a blog dedicated to firefighters and their incredible work in the state of Massachusetts. Over the past few years I have immersed myself in this topic, researching and tracking the stories, exploits, and daily lives of firefighters in this wonderful state. I want to share with you my observations and impressions of them.

When we hear the sound of a fire truck siren or see a group of firefighters in uniform, few people think about the cost of keeping us safe and saving lives. Through my hobby, I have come to realize that firefighters are not only heroes, but also our neighbors, colleagues and friends. In my blog, I strive to uncover these stories and show how they impact the lives of everyone in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Fire Department cherishes its history, which goes back to a time when firefighters fought fires using only primitive tools. I’ve researched many archives and talked with veterans to understand how they stood guard over the lives and property of citizens.

My blog is an attempt to show you Massachusetts firefighters in a new light, to tell their stories and to introduce you to their daily lives. I hope these stories allow you to see and appreciate the invaluable role firefighters play in our lives and safety. Massachusetts firefighters are true heroes whose service and dedication deserve our respect and recognition.