Who is a firefighter?

Firefighters are the trained professionals you call to the scene of a fire or emergency. For this reason, they rely on advanced tools and equipment to handle the situation.

A firefighter is a trained emergency responder who serves to protect public life and property.

What does a Firefighter do?

Just like law enforcement officers, firefighters work first to protect lives and then turn their attention to protecting property. But not from crime, but from fires and emergencies.

Firefighters have many responsibilities at the scene of a fire. Thus, they use their equipment to get water to where it is needed. Firefighters also rescue victims trapped in buildings or other structures and provide emergency medical treatment if necessary.

They attempt to rescue the burning structure and all of its contents. When firefighters do not respond to a fire or emergency call, firefighters clean and maintain equipment, conduct fire drills, and complete emergency paperwork.

While fighting fires may be their primary responsibility, firefighters often engage in a variety of activities such as:

  • Educating the public
  • Handling emergency conditions.
  • Rescuing and treating the injured
  • Prepare written reports of emergency incidents

So, the general duties of a firefighter include:

  • Going to the scene of fires and other emergencies, including automobile, industrial and marine accidents.
  • Rescuing and evacuating people in life-threatening situations.
  • Operating pumps, spraying water, foam and chemicals from hoses, portable fire extinguishers and other devices to extinguish fires and disperse or neutralize hazardous substances.
  • Reducing openings in buildings and crashed vehicles to free passengers.
  • Administering first aid.
  • Attending and participating in training events, rescue classes, drills, demonstrations, and safety and firefighting courses.
  • Ensuring that all tools and equipment are in good working order through regular maintenance.
  • Participating in high angle search and rescue operations.
  • Assisting other agencies in emergency situations.